Aishwaryam Oils

We launched our firm in 2018 and purchased two vaagai marachekku machines from them. Their product is of excessively high grade. Service is provided in a timely manner by knowledgeable personnel. Total of six machines were bought from them till now. We didn't get quotation from other firms. Because Zen Tech ensures that all of their goods are free of flaws. Even if they discover a problem, they strive to resolve it in a timely manner. We would really like to purchase more machines from them only in the future..

Kathir Mahaan

’m using Vagai Wood Chekku machines from Zen Tech Engireeing in Toronto, Canada. Zen Tech is manufacturing really reliable machines and provides comprehensive technical support for operating these machines. Zen Tech is committed to helping long distance customers like me to achieve my goals. I appreciate that Mr. Kanagaraj, owner of the company for the training he provided me. A great company to continue building my business on. Very satisfied with the service that they provided me. I believe that this is the best company in this industry.

Sri A

Good quality cold press oil machinery.We are using zentech machine from past three and half years with no issues in bangalore.

Preetha 1801

My husband bought 2 marachekku machines from here in Jan. They very clearly told how long it will take for production and they delivered on time. They delivered the machines to Dharmapuri (husband's place) and they gave a demo aswell. We used to call if we had doubts and they were very responsive. Once when the wooden thingy (not sure about what it's called since my husband runs the business) had some problem, they immediately replaced it. Great customer service and great owners. You can boast about your product only when it is at a high quality. They have done justice to it. Great work guys, will definitely recommend and our first priority is this place if we want another machine too!!!!! Trust is very important in a business and you have earned ours. Great going!!!